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Odin's Organics A True Love Story

​We all have a story in life that drives us into bringing forth a passion that will help cultivate a greater practice and awareness into being. Mine began the day my beloved puppy "Odin The Chiefman", my Bernese Mountain dog contracted Parvo.  Odin was strong and survived but developed a sensitive gastrointestinal tract.  As a result of this traumatic experience, I became motivated to create a dog treat that supports health and longevity. Every treat is handmade and locally sourced.  These freeze dried treats ensure that the highest amounts of nutritional value stays intact from creation to consumption. ​It is with great regard for all dogs that I introduce to you the best of the best. ...

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Odin's Organics Freeze Dried Raw Meat, Herbs, Fruits & Vegetable Dog Treats


  • Handmade with Love
  • 100% guaranteed to please
  • Locally Sourced
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