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Our Holistic Path to Happy & Healthy

Located in the "Heart of the Redwoods" in Willits, California, Odin's Organics was founded out of my love for my Bernese mountain dog, “Odin the “Chief Man.” Sweet Odin had digestive issues and allergies and I was completely convinced that it all started when he contracted parvo as a puppy. For those of you who don’t know what parvo is, let me share with you. Canine Parvovirus (CPV) infection is a highly contagious viral illness. There are two forms of this awful infection. First there is the intestinal form. The following list is the symptoms associated with parvo.

The second form of parvo is, cardiac. This can affect the heart muscles of young puppies, often causing death. Most cases are seen in puppies between 6 weeks to 8 months old. Early vaccinations seem to have curbed cases radically.

Meet Odin & Ragnar

There are many facets to parvo and if you would like to know more, visit the American Kennel Club at…
Since Odin was young, I tried almost everything out there. Diamond, Natural Balance, Purina & Royal Canine, Acana, Blue Buffalo, Taste Of The Wild and Iams just to name a few. The Royal Canine was even recommended by my Veterinarian. The ingredients list was a little alarming.

I decided that the only way to increase his life span was to do it through organic fruits, veggies and herbs so I threw myself into many hours of research. My love for my two “Berner boys”, Odin and Ragnar, Father and Son, translates to all the owners out there that are willing to go to any lengths to provide the best for their beloved best friends. 

I am a CNA, have studied under renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, attended numerous herbal symposiums, worked for Trinity Herb for several years and have also assisted Trinity in writing a compilation guidebook of remedies and recipes for the consumer market.  

All of Odin’s Organics products are Certified Organic, made in small batches, and are thoughtfully produced with the utmost care in a local, certified, commercial kitchen and of course, infused with 100% of my love of dogs and my commitment to the their health and happiness and to you, their owner.